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We help women step into the spotlight and shine the spotlight on leaders and companies helping women.



signature program

STEPPING INTO THE SPOTLIGHT IS THE AGENCY’S SIGNATURE PROGRAM FOR FEMALE LEADERS, SOLOPRENEURS, AND ENTREPRENEURS. The program focuses on establishing a client’s thought leadership, personal branding, key messages, and media presence thereby propelling them into the spotlight where they have their desired impact.



Jen is an accomplished public relations and marketing executive and has been putting companies and leaders into the spotlight for over 25 years. She founded her first San Francisco-based agency, Koa, in 2003 and has handled crisis, corporate, and consumer public relations for Fortune 500 private companies and influential industry leaders. Past and current clients include Whole Foods Market, Constellation Wines, The Park James Hotel, Pandia Health, and a variety of female entrepreneurs.


the agency

The Jen Marples Agency is a full-service marketing communications firm serving women-owned businesses, female leaders, and companies that help women over 40, including menopause, health, telehealth, beauty, and wellness. Approximately 70% of the voices in the media are men, so now is the time for women to get their voices heard and claim their seats at the table!



Jen and her team are passionate about helping businesses that serve and support midlife women. As the host of a midlife podcast for two years, Jen has deep industry knowledge of the companies serving women and has an extensive network of influential contacts. The agency focuses on serving companies in the following industries: menopause, telehealth, beauty, health, wellness, and nutrition.

agency services


Strategic Advising

Communications Strategy

Thought Leadership

Public Relations

Personal & Company Branding

Partnerships & Collabs

Content Creation

Media Relations

Social Media 

Podcast Development/Booking

Speaking Opportunities

Media & Spokesperson Training

Corporate Communications

Marketing Support

Product Launches


Through strategic partnerships,
we also offer:

Website Development
Podcast Management
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
Personal Styling

I remember the first time I talked with Jen; I was electrified and so excited to meet someone who shared my belief in the power of women, specifically, the power of radical female authenticity. But that was just the beginning. After working with Jen for six months, I can say with conviction that she knows more about running, marketing, and promoting a business and building your personal empire than anyone I've ever met. Jen Marples herself is an empire. And yet, her heart is as vast as her knowledge base.

– Elizabeth, Founder & Executive Director

Jen is an absolute must-have in your corner if you're an author preparing for a book tour, business owner, or leader seeking to enhance your media presence. Her unparalleled expertise and tailored approach are worth every penny and more. With Jen's help, you won't just navigate the world of media – you'll conquer it, leaving a trail of engaged audiences, eager readers, and impactful interviews in your wake.

— Deena, PhD & Author

Jen advised me on PR and business strategy and was a consistent trusted ear during a really hard time in business and is a sounding board I consistently rely on. Jen knows her stuff and you’d be crazy not to work with her!

– Laura, Founder, Hospitality Business

We help women step into the spotlight and shine the spotlight on leaders and companies helping women.

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