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Embracing Your F*ckit Era & Becoming Hotter Than Ever in Midlife with Erin Keating

Embracing Your F*ckit Era & Becoming Hotter Than Ever in Midlife with Erin Keating

In this episode, I chat with Erin Keating, founder of Hotter Than Ever, a media and lifestyle company (that includes a podcast!) that creates media, experiences, and products that empower and light up the lives of women over forty, and we’re breaking down the lies we’ve been told by society, stepping into our power and pleasure, playing life by our own rules, burning things down to build a new dream and life, how midlife women are portrayed in media, tips on starting a business in midlife, and embracing your f*ckit era, and so much more!

Yes, our conversation is as amazing as all that sounds!

Erin is one of us—a badass midlifer who knows she’s not too f***ing old to make a difference and is building a mission-driven business to support all of us!

After years of hard work as a media executive, a wife, and a mom, Erin found herself burnt out (sadly, an all-too-familiar story!) and hospitalized. The crazy thing is that she equated her hospital stay to a spa retreat at Canyon Ranch—boy do I get this! Erin used this pivotal moment to reclaim her power and launch her new business. Now, Erin empowers other women to embrace pleasure and self-expression in midlife.

Erin Keating makes hot stuff for women over forty. She’s the founder of Hotter Than Ever and the company’s mission is to help liberate women in midlife to break the unconscious rules they’ve been following to become freer, happier, sexier, and more self-expressed. 

Erin and I discuss:

  • The importance of listening to one’s intuition and desires over societal expectations
  • How small courage steps and vulnerability can lead to big changes
  • How we need to see and hear midlife women’s stories to shift cultural narratives
  • Pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams and asking yourself “how much time do I have left” and “where are you lying to yourself?”
  • Dating in midlife and going for what you want in life and love
  • Celebrating midlife pleasure, community and personal reinvention
  • How to embrace your “f*ckit” era and do what you want

Listen in for a soulful, deep, cheeky, fun, and fabulous conversation that is sure to get you thinking, taking action, and, most importantly, tapping back into your true self.

Erin says: You’re Not Too F***ing Old! to be Hotter than Ever!

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