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Exploring the Wisdom of Women & Mother Daughter Relationships with Sheri Hilton, Author & Podcaster

The Jen Marples Show episode 143 is here!

This is the moment for women in midlife to step into their power and create a meaningful impact. My dear friend and special guest, Sherri Hilton, exemplifies this by making a difference in the world. Despite juggling a full-time job and being a single mother, she prioritized her passions and recently launched a podcast and wrote a book!

However, Sherri’s journey wasn’t without challenges. She experienced a sense of losing herself while tirelessly caring for those around her. Although she cherished her work, it lacked the creative fulfillment she once enjoyed. In our conversation, Sherri unfolds her story and enlightens us on the importance of sharing our experiences to empower the women who will follow in our footsteps.

Sherri Hilton is certain that strong moms create stronger daughters. She believes that sharing the strength and wisdom of women will result in stronger generations to come. She’s a sales dynamo, influential networker, podcaster, author, coach and single mom of two amazing girls. With her podcast, Wisdom of Women and her book, Strong Mom Stronger Daughters, Sherri brings meaningful conversations and knowledge to light that will benefit all women, young and old. Sherri firmly believes in the power of women who challenge the status quo conquering mountains wearing flip-flops or those fabulous high heels!

Sherri and I discuss:

  • How she became an author and the inspiration behind her book.
  • The challenges of midlife, particularly for single mothers.
  • How our bodies go into “fight mode” when caring for others, leading to burnout.
  • Creating time for yourself when there’s barely time for everything.
  • The importance of boundaries and priorities.
  • The wisdom of women who have gone before us.
  • Building stronger relationships with our daughters.

You’re going to love Sherri’s beautiful heart and generous spirit!

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Strong Mom Stronger Daughters (Amazon book)

Strong Mom Stronger Daughters


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