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Finding your Siren Call in Midlife with Cherie Healey, Founder of SIREN

My guest today, Cherie Healey, is a gift to this world. Her sole purpose is to help leaders find their Siren Call, also known as our purpose. Deep down, we all have a calling. It can be scary to take a step back to truly listen to our inner calling, honor it, and go for it. That’s why my conversation with Cherie is the one we all need to hear as she reminds us we’ve got all that we need already inside of us and have full permission to go for it! This episode is a must listen – we learn how to access our gifts, meet our shadows head on, to then allow us to step into who we are meant to be, which is actually who we’ve always been. Buckle up, today’s episode 117 is all about Finding Your Siren Call in Midlife. It’s a profound conversation that will change your life.

Cherie is an Executive Coach, Brand Strategist and Founder of SIREN, an Imagination Studio. She helps leaders and teams cause higher impact through big vision, clear purpose, and meaningful messaging. Her calling is to help you answer yours. Leaders and Teams come to us to align and re-engage around a shared purpose. Cherie helped Leaders at YouTube launch a movement for Mental Health and Wellbeing, she has been working with women at Google for over 10 years, advising corporate leaders for 25 and she is a Women In Management Facilitator at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Cherie and I discuss:

  • How to access your siren call at midlife.

  • The greatest prayer you can ask for according to ancient wisdom.

  • Being intentional about finding your community and connection.

  • Showing up as your authentic self which leads to more happiness.

  • The impact you have on those around you.

  • How we hold ourselves back from our purpose.

  • The power of sisterhood.

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