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Growing & Funding a Menopause Product Business with MenoWell Founder Julie Gordon White

Growing & Funding a Menopause Product Business with MenoWell Founder Julie Gordon White

The Jen Marples Show episode 167 is here!

Today, I’m excited to share one of my favorite conversations with one of my favorite people, and that is fellow MenoPosse badass entrepreneur Julie Gordon White. As the founder of MenoWell, Julie created the first menopause-focused energy bar to support women’s health. And she’s KILLING IT!

Julie has an impressive career background spanning hotel sales, owning an M&A firm, and coaching women entrepreneurs. But it was during the pandemic that she developed her recipe for MenoWell menopause bars after wanting a healthy snack option and finding nothing that suited her. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and MenoWell (formerly Bossa Bars) was born! And, let me tell you, they are not just healthy, they are DELICIOUS! Yours truly is a HUGE fan and has consumed MANY MenoWell bars to date!

In this episode, Julie shares her menopause product business journey and invaluable advice for midlife women considering career pivots or starting businesses. Julie drops GOLD in this episode—you’ll want to take notes!

Julie and I discuss:

  • Julie’s road to starting MenoWell and overcoming challenges.
  • Securing investors for MenoWell and being super clear on her business vision.
  • Trusting your abilities gained over decades, even without direct industry experience.
  • Setting intentions, visualizing goals as complete, and engaging daily supporters through gratitude.
  • Embracing midlife by doing what you want without hesitation or apology.
  • How to MenoPAUSE like a boss!
  • Her morning ritual GIVE method: Gratitude, Intention, Visualization & Enrollment (in your vision).

You’re going to love Julie as much as I do! 

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Learn more about Julie’s Menopause product business here: MenoWell



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