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How to be Strong and Live Long with Dr. Vonda Wright

Who wants to be strong and live long? ME! And I hope you do, too! Today’s guest is the incredible and indefatigable Dr. Vonda Wright and we are talking about longevity and how to rock our lives now and well into the future.

In this episode, we discuss the power of strength training and nutrition in building a strong, healthy mind and body that can handle anything midlife throws your way. Get ready to feel motivated and learn actionable steps to change your life today!

Dr. Wright is a practicing double-boarded Orthopedic Sports Surgeon, Author, Speaker, Researcher, and Innovator whose work stands at the intersection of Longevity, Women’s Health, and performance. Widely recognized for her thought leadership, Dr. Wright is a frequent media and conference expert. Her innovative science-based approach is changing the lives of millions in midlife. Dr. Wright practices in Florida and is the founder and CEO of Precision Longevity. 

Dr. Vonda Wright and I discuss:

  • Why lifting heavy is critical for fighting muscle loss, boosting bone health, and improving mental well-being.
  • The impacts of hormonal shifts on bone density and muscle.
  • Top tips for a long, healthy, and active life, including exercise, nutrition, and mindset shifts.
  • Learning how to build strength and resilience and enjoy life to the fullest well into your later years.
  • Breaking free from outdated societal expectations and embracing your authenticity and power.

Here’s to being ageless, healthy, strong, indefinable, and authentic in midlife! We can start getting stronger today, which will help us live longer and be happier! How exciting is that?

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