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How to #HypeWomen with Erin Gallagher, Founder + CEO, Ella and LinkedIn Top 100 Influencer

The Jen Marples Show episode 147 is here!

Grab some coffee and get ready to get FIRED up by my guest today, the incomparable founder of the #hypewomen movement and LinkedIn Top 100 Influencer, Erin Gallagher. And yes, we dig into a juicy conversation about HOW to really hype up and support women!

Y’all know this is my reason for being, and today’s discussion will leave you feeling inspired by the power of women and give you tactical tips on supporting women in meaningful and impactful ways. 

Erin Gallagher is the CEO and founder of Ella, an inclusive network unlocking women’s access to human, social, and financial capital. Through connection, consulting, and coaching, Ella recognizes women’s value and increases their valuation. She is a LinkedIn Top 100 Influencer and the creator of the #HypeWomen Movement. Erin brings her 20 years of experience leading global marketing, business development, branding, and communications — and her counsel of The White House, Fortune 100 C-suite, and senior leaders at some of the world’s biggest and best brands and companies (from LinkedIn to United Airlines to Carhartt to McDonald’s) — to the work, she’s doing to build generational wealth for women and accelerate them into positions of power and influence. She launched the Hype Women Podcast on Women’s Equality Day. 

There’s no better time to focus on hyping women than right now! We are better and stronger together, and our only way out of the mess (read: patriarchy) and into the boardroom is by celebrating and championing each other vs. competing with each other. 

Erin and I discuss:

  • Erin’s viral #hypewomen movement launched after a pivotal moment during the 2023 Golden Globe Awards.
  • Erin’s work with Ella to help women build wealth and impact.
  • Celebrating other women’s successes.
  • Overcoming negative conditioning and having an abundance mindset.
  • Practical things women can do daily to become better #hypewomen.
  • Challenges & societal pressures women can face by showing up authentically. 
  • The importance of doing inner work to support others better.

This episode is pure fire, and it’s the conversation you need to hear to kick off 2024 – The Year of the Woman – the right way!

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