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How to Step Into Your Power Using Fashion as a Tool with Laurie Harden

Today we’re talking about how to step into our power and Step Into the Spotlight using fashion as a tool and I’m so excited! My beautiful guest today is Laurie Harden, luxury stylist, colorist, and curator of unique jewelry, and frankly one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets.

She dresses the who’s who in the Bay Area and around the world and has impeccable taste. I’m just so happy she’s sharing her knowledge with us today! Dressing for big events, meetings, and keynotes speeches stress me out as I’m sure it does for you. But, ladies, help is here!

Laurie believes that when we feel good, we look good, and therefore do good. That’s music to my ears! We also discuss how our bodies are shifting a bit as we hit midlife and how to navigate the new normal and look absolutely fabulous!

It’s not about wishing for what we had, but embracing the new normal and dressing accordingly. Whether you want to rock a board meeting, stun at a gala, or be on brand at your next event, Laurie has got you!

You’ll leave our conversation empowered, excited, and ready to step into the spotlight using her tips and tricks to look and feel incredible! 

Laurie Harden, a highly sought-after luxury stylist and lifestyle consultant, empowers top executives, philanthropists, social media influencers, and other public figures to exude confidence, magnetism, and success in every aspect of their personal and professional lives. Collaborating closely with clients, Laurie crafts an individualized and captivating personal brand that consistently projects a polished image from the boardroom to the red carpet, a gala, or stepping off a private jet. She works privately with clients 1×1 as well as virtually.

Laurie and I discuss:

  • Creating a personal brand using wardrobe and colors.
  • How to push outside of your style comfort zone.
  • Accepting your changing midlife body and rocking your assets.
  • Wardrobe staples, capsule collections, & packing tips.
  • Classic pieces to invest in & trendy less expensive pieces.
  • The importance of personal style and individuality in fashion.
  • How if you look good, you feel good, and you do good.
  • The empowerment and confidence that comes with midlife.

Remember, You’re Not Too F***ing Old! to look and feel fabulous!

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