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Living with Less & Creating Space for More in Midlife with Shira Gill, Home Organizer & Author

This week, we’re joined by Shira Gill, home organizer extraordinaire and best-selling author, to delve into the profound benefits of cultivating a clutter-free life and environment. We’ll also explore the exciting concept that by embracing minimalism and living with less, we open ourselves up to the potential for more!

Shira says that clutter inundates our minds with excessive stimuli. Considering the multitude of demands and information we already contend with daily, being surrounded by clutter means our brains are working overtime to process it all. In contrast, an uncluttered environment offers our minds a respite, allowing us to function with greater clarity.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shira Gill is a globally recognized home-organizing expert and lifestyle creator with a less-is-more philosophy. Over the past decade, she has helped thousands worldwide reduce clutter and create more space for what matters. Shira’s work centers around the intimate relationship between people’s homes and lives and how they inform and inspire each other. She is the author of Minimalista and Organized Living. She has been featured in Vogue, Dwell, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Domino, Forbes, Goop, Harper’s Bazaar, HGTV, Today, InStyle, Parents, Real Simple, and The New York Times.


We’re bombarded with messages insisting that more possessions equate to greater happiness. It’s often simpler to follow this narrative than to pause and genuinely reflect on whether the items we accumulate truly serve a purpose in our lives.


I loved chatting with Shira and promptly started purging my home office and closet once we finished our conversation. And, no surprise, I immediately felt better!


Shira and I discuss:

  • Her journey from an aspiring home organizer to a sought-after author of three books.

  • The underlying reasons for clutter in our homes and lives.

  • Discovering what you want in life and how your environment can help manifest your desires.

  • Practical techniques to initiate decluttering in your living spaces today.

  • Strategies for parting with possessions without causing tension & turmoil with your people.

  • Her new book, Organized Living.


You will love Shira’s refreshing insights, big heart, and minimalista philosophy.

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