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Taking the “Pause” Out of Menopause with Sally Mueller, CEO & Co-Founder, Womaness

Midlife and menopause is such a transformative time for women. While it is so beautiful and opens the door to new possibilities, it can also be extremely difficult and come with endless challenges. Today’s guest, Sally Mueller knows the importance of investing in self-care and prioritizing our well-being. As we get older it is far too common to put everyone’s needs in front of our own at a time when our health and well-being are of the utmost importance. That’s why Sally’s company, Womaness, offers skin and body, supplements and sexual wellness products so women can step into their midlife fierceness, sexiness, realness, and agelessness. This week, episode 118 of The Jen Marples Show is about taking the “pause” out of menopause!

Sally Mueller is the CEO and co-founder of Womaness, a high-performance collection of modern menopause products created by women for women that offers solutions for everything head to toe and everything in between. After a doctor’s appointment revealed her aches, pains, vaginal dryness, and dry skin were connected to menopause, she came to find herself in a community of 50 million + women entering menopause with a lack of relief, education, and support. This led Sally to quit her lengthy career in retail working at Target to co-found Womaness and give women modern, innovative products, essential information, and unlimited inspiration to take the “pause” out of menopause. 

Sally and I discuss:

  • What it’s like entering into a business partnership with a close friend.

  • Establishing your core values to help you stay the course when bumped against challenges.

  • Tips and advice for women looking to start a business later in life.

  • Highlighting Womaness’ 14 must-have, affordable menopause products. 

  • Advice to step into your midlife fierceness, sexiness, realness, and agelessness.

  • Thriving by intentionally living your life with purpose.

  • Authentically supporting women.   

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