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The Midlife Conversation with Jen & Lizzie: Empty Nests, Duality, & Friendships

Now more than ever, we need support from the women around us. This week, I’m joined by my dear friend, Lizzie Bermudez, for another episode of The Midlife Conversation. We’re talking about the duality we’ve seen in midlife and that two things (and feelings) can be true simultaneously. For example, Lizzie just dropped off her oldest child at college. While she’s excited about this new journey for her daughter, there’s also a sense of grief as life changes. Another example, I’m so energized and excited about my work while also feeling overwhelmed and stressed about my high school senior, college applications, and his (and mine) anxiety.

Lizzie is a digital lifestyle host and social influencer, tapping into the mindset of smart and stylish women over 35. As a video host with years of TV experience, Lizzie’s fun-loving personality means she takes her crazy life in stride — raising school-aged kids, running a successful career, and caring for aging parents, all while trying to enjoy the life she’s worked so hard to create. From lip-syncing and car dancing to trying to eat sour candy with a straight face, Lizzie B’s audience knows she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She brings out the playful side of all the guests she interviews, from celebrities to CEOs, and viewers love following her entertaining behind-the-scenes stories on social media. Lizzie lives in San Francisco with her husband and two daughters.

Lizzie and I discuss:

  • How duality plays a big role in midlife – two things can be true at once like life is glorious AND a sh*tshow at the same time. 

  • College drop offs and our changing family dynamics.

  • Leaning into each season of life.

  • How sharing experiences and information with your friends and community is so needed.

  • Girlfriends and close relationships are what keep us sustained and sane in midlife.

  • Having fun and not being afraid to make an arse outta yourself.

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