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I am the self-proclaimed number one champion of midlife women and a cheerleader for all women. I’m an agency owner, keynote speaker, podcaster, and leader in the midlife women’s empowerment movement.




Try Something New!

We all get stuck in this day-to-day routine of ours doing the same things with the same people that we easily forget that there is a whole world out there that we are missing. That’s why episode 41 of The Jen Marples Show is about trying something new!

Did you know community and conversation is vital to your well-being? Well, now you do! I’ve created The Midlife Conversation series because it’s so important for women to have authentic conversations with other women. I create safe containers for all of us to share our deepest truths so we feel more connected and less alone. We’ll explore what it means to be a woman at midlife today with 3 hours of conversation over 3 days. You’ll very quickly realize that you’re not too f***ing old to create the life you desire, have a voice, and make an impact. Each day I’ll ask one thought-provoking question about being at midlife, and we’ll discuss it as a group. You’ll walk away with a new community of women, connection, and conviction.

The conversation starts now! 3 days – 3 hours – 3 conversations

We kick off on Wed. Feb. 9, and we’ll run 3 consecutive days from 12-1 p.m. PT. It will be powerful, potent, and exactly what we need! We’ll meet on Zoom and I’ll be recording the sessions, so if you miss one, no worries! I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces and dig into these important conversations.

In this episode of The Jen Marples Show, I’m sharing the importance of mixing up your life by following whatever sparks your interest and opening yourself up to trying something new. You’ll be surprised that by pulling back the layers, you will actually start to come back into your true self. 

We need to step outside of our comfort zone and remember who we are without the people we surround ourselves with because if we keep doing the same things, we won’t ever change. 

Make sure to listen to the entire episode to receive inspiration, tips, and advice that will help you change your life and improve your business.

Thank you for listening!

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