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Turning Trauma into Purpose & New Opportunities with Elisa Donovan

Everyone’s journey to midlife is different and presents its own challenges. With age, you don’t have to hide who you are to fit into what everyone around you wants you to be. You can trust yourself and your choices because you have the experience to back them up. This week, episode 89 of The Jen Marples Show is about turning trauma into purpose! 

For over 20 years, Elisa Donovan has been a part of iconic pop culture phenomenons. She began her film career, originating the role of Amber in the iconic Paramount Pictures comedy Clueless and followed that up with a turn on another pop culture sensation, the television series Beverly Hills, 90210, playing bad girl Ginger LaMonica. Donovan then went on to reprise her role of Amber for three seasons on the television series Clueless. During this time, she shot the Paramount/SNL Films comedy, A Night At The Roxbury. Then for three seasons, Elisa played Morgan Cavanaugh on the monster hit series Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Elisa’s first book, Wake Me When You Leave, will be released on June 8, 2021. Wake Me When You Leave is her personal memoir about losing her job, her relationship, and her father to cancer, all over a very short period. Through her grief, she began to connect to her father through a series of visitations and dreams, helping her to heal and remedy her life. The film version of Wake Me When You Leave is currently in development, with Richard J. Bosner producing. The film will mark Elisa’s screenwriting and directorial debuts.

Originally from Northport, Long Island, Elisa grew up studying acting, writing, and photography. She graduated from Eugene Lang College at The New School University in NYC, where she studied dramatic literature, acting, and writing. Elisa lives in San Francisco with her husband and daughter. 

In this episode of The Jen Marples Show, Elisa and I share the importance of taking a stand for yourself and what you want. 

Elisa Donovan and I discuss:

  • The journey to self-discovery and defining how Elisa wanted to live through grief and loss vs. avoiding it.

  • How timing might not be what you want it to be, but how it all works out as it should.

  • Traditional publishing and the importance of having an editor, especially when the writing is very personal. 

  • Stepping into the uncomfortable territory of fundraising when it’s not something you’re used to doing.

  • Embracing your age and the expertise that comes with being a multifaceted person.

Make sure to listen to the entire episode to receive inspiration, tips, and advice that will help you change your life and improve your business.

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Wake Me When You Leave (book)



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