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Don’t Wait to be Chosen; Choose Yourself in Midlife

Don’t Wait to be Chosen; Choose Yourself! 

Make this summer the summer of YOU. Don’t wait. Don’t put your hopes and dreams on hold. Remember, in midlife, we are being called into passion and purpose and are being called into MORE. Don’t let that scare you; let it energize you!

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In episode 115, I give you all a midlife pep talk. Real talk with tips and tools so you can get into the mindset of putting yourself first and taking action.

Make this the summer of you by doing or realizing the following:

  1. Say yes to yourself.

  2. Stop caring what people think.

  3. Put yourself first.

  4. Try something new

  5. Listen to the whispers.

  6. Kill your inner critic once and for all.

  7. Remember who you are/come back to you.

  8. Know nobody has it all figured out.

  9. Have fun!

  10. Get help if you need it.

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