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It’s My Birthday & These Are 54 Things I Know For Sure

The Jen Marples Show episode 139 is here!


It’s my birthday week, and in celebration of turning 54 on November 18, I’m sharing 54 for things I know to be true. Lord have mercy; the older I get, the longer the list becomes, but I created this list in the hopes that it helps you move through something, shift a perspective, take action, or just smile.

We are who we are, and the more we can age out loud, the better. We must shout our age from the rooftops and let the world know how f***ing fabulous we are. If you’re not there yet, it’s OK, I get it. You’ll get there when you can. In the meantime, I’m taking one for the team, and I can’t stop and won’t stop!


My birthday wish is for you to know you are incredible, and that you GET to do whatever you want – which could be shooting to superstardom, starting a new business, or sitting your arse by the pool while somebody rubs your feet. No apologies. No explanations. Just doing the thing you want to do!


I hope you enjoy my ’54 things I know for sure’ as much as I do.


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