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I am the self-proclaimed number one champion of midlife women and a cheerleader for all women. I’m an agency owner, keynote speaker, podcaster, and leader in the midlife women’s empowerment movement.




Midlife Heart-to-Heart with Jen

I’m coming to you solo this week with a little heart-to-heart chat about our health, the reality, and duality of midlife, my top 12 tips to thrive in midlife, and how getting help for your business or life can set you up for success now and into the new year.

My heart-to-heart includes:

  • Noting that October is Menopause Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness month so this is the best month to make those important health check ups and get the support you need.

  • Digging deep again into duality and how midlife is not about being stagnant or things being perfect, rather it’s about learning to ride the waves. We know waves are coming and it’s important to lean on our tools and get support so we don’t wipe out.

  • Jen’s Top 12 Midlife Pro Tips:

  1. Eat healthy & Stay active.

  2. Get rid of what doesn’t serve you.

  3. Make time for you & your passions.

  4. Stop caring what people think.

  5. Give yourself permission to try something new.

  6. Don’t let fear stop you before you start.

  7. Be courageous. Confidence will come with action.

  8. Put yourself first.

  9. Remove negativity from your life – people, places, things!

  10. Know you are worthy just as you are.

  11. Know that you are qualified – so go do the thing!

  12. Get help if you need it.

  13. Bonus: Know that You’re Not Too F***ing Old! to do Whatever You Want!

  • Coach Jen advice to go for your dreams and tap into coaching support for your business or life to achieve your goals, hopes, and dreams.

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