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The Jen Marples Show is dedicated to helping midlife women embrace and rock the second and best half of life.

Tune in for conversations around career, career pivots, menopause, family, relationships, finding your purpose, pleasure, health & wellness, mental health, entrepreneurship, and so much more. Every episode will leave you feeling inspired, courageous, and armed to fire up your very best midlife. you’re Not Too F***ing Old!

Taking the "Pause" Out of Menopause with Sally Mueller, CEO & Co-Founder, Womaness

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Getting Clear on What You Really Want in Midlife with Bonnie Wan

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Summoning Your Audacity with Shannon Watts, Activist & Founder of Moms Demand Action

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Jen Marples


Jen is a champion of midlife women and a cheerleader for ALL women. She’s an agency founder, 20+ year entrepreneur, marketing & communications pro, keynote speaker, podcaster, community builder, and leader in the midlife women’s empowerment movement. She’s on a mission to empower and activate over 1 million midlife women. Jen is steadfast in her belief that women will change the world - one empowered midlife female at a time. Why? Because midlife is the BEST part of life. You’re Not Too F***ing Old! to take a stand, have a seat at the table, make a massive impact, change the conversation, start a business, or do whatever the heck you want to do!

what you can expect

Honest, uplifting, motivating and educational conversations with experts around midlife hot topics like careers, reinvention, menopause, relationships, health & wellness, finding your purpose, and more!

Valuable business and life advice and real talk about what it means to be a midlife woman on Jen’s solo episodes.

Be prepared to unapologetically go for your dreams, embrace your age, and become unstoppable! You’re Not Too F***ing Old!

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The Jen Marples Show episode 146 is here! And we’re kicking off planning 2024 with an incredible and impactful conversation with celebrity astrologer Ophira (Ophi) Edut! She’s helping us plan this year by the stars, and we dig into each sign and what’s in store for all of us. Ophi says 2024 is the year […]

Planning 2024 by the Stars with Celebrity Astrologer Ophira Edut of the AstroTwins

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The Jen Marples Show episode 145 is here! This year has been nothing short of phenomenal, with incredible women gracing my show, generously sharing their time and wisdom. From deep dives into mental health and relationships to candid discussions about menopause and the intricacies of growing businesses, we’ve covered it all! I want to send […]

Prepare to be Inspired! The Best Guest Advice of the Year is Here!

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The Jen Marples Show episode 144 is here! In today’s quick episode (because I know you’re busy!), I’m reflecting on the year and sharing a few learnings as well as tips on celebrating your wins this year. Yes, you had wins this year and it’s important that you pat yourself on the back! I’m also […]

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The Jen Marples Show episode 143 is here! This is the moment for women in midlife to step into their power and create a meaningful impact. My dear friend and special guest, Sherri Hilton, exemplifies this by making a difference in the world. Despite juggling a full-time job and being a single mother, she prioritized […]

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The Jen Marples Show episode 142 is here! I know you’re busy, it’s the holidaze, so today’s episode is a quickie! Today, I’m sharing my top ten tips for not losing your midlife shizzle during this holiday dizzle. Here’s a quick list, but make sure to listen to this quickie mini-sode for the tools! Say […]

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The Jen Marples Show episode 141 is here! I’ve got a great show for you today with two of my favorite people who happen to be best friends (since 9th grade!) and business partners, Pam Shipley and Allison Kenney. They are all about debunking the myths around midlife and helping women navigate menopause. Their rallying […]

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The Jen Marples show episode 140 is here, and today, we’re getting out of our heads and into our hearts. My guest today, Elizabeth Perlman, is exceptional as she’s dedicated her life to helping teenage girls and women tap into their intuition and creativity and bolster their self-esteem through writing. Elizabeth shares that historically, women’s […]

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The Jen Marples Show episode 139 is here!   It’s my birthday week, and in celebration of turning 54 on November 18, I’m sharing 54 for things I know to be true. Lord have mercy; the older I get, the longer the list becomes, but I created this list in the hopes that it helps […]

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I’m talking with one of my favorite people today, Elisa Camahort Page, the co-founder of BlogHer and prolific podcaster, speaker, writer, and consultant. Elisa tells it like it is – she said “I’m here to be helpful, not argue with strangers on the internet.” And, that my friends, is Elisa! We talk about our nuanced […]

"Jen Marples is that rare combination of authentic super charged energy mixed with down to earth wisdom. Her guests reflect this with breadth and depth of knowledge, wisdom and life experience and passion for their contribution to empower and uplift women’s lives. Count on every show to learn AND leave lifted up!"

"This a must-listen for mid-life women! Jen has such an authentic and genuine voice who is so open to sharing her own experiences which are relatable to all of us. I have personally been motivated to take action in my own life after listening to Jen’s podcast."

"Jen’s voice is exactly what midlife women need to hear. Jen is positive, supportive, and fun, and the content on her podcast is uplifting and entertaining. I highly recommend!!"

"I’ve been listening to several midlife podcasts for the last couple of years and this is my favorite!"