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The Power of Community & Connection in Midlife

Can we find new connections and friendships in midlife? Yes! It is absolutely possible for each one of us. You have to be intentional about going out there and finding new friends, communities, and support systems to help you thrive. This week, episode 103 of The Jen Marples Show is about the power of community and connection in midlife! 

In celebration of Women’s History Month, take a moment to think about a woman who has made a difference in your life – like your mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, or an aunt, or teacher. Think about the sacrifices they made and fought through to build the world we are in today. We often take these women for granted, so let’s change that by remembering them today as we celebrate our freedom and opportunities this month.

Some of the talking points I cover in this episode include:

  • Reflecting on the woman who came before us to help pave the way for our rights today.

  • As we get older, friendships and relationships shift, which can cause us to lose friendships we’ve had up to this point, which can be difficult.

  • Tips on where to start looking as you expand your connections and community.

  • More about Jen’s mastermind and the incredible results that members are getting.

  • The doors to United & Unstoppable, Jen’s mastermind, are open!

When working or going it alone, we talk ourselves out of taking action on our dreams and big ideas. Community and connection make all the difference.

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