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We are More Than Menopause with Pam & Allison, Best Friends, Business Partners & Podcast Hosts

The Jen Marples Show episode 141 is here!

I’ve got a great show for you today with two of my favorite people who happen to be best friends (since 9th grade!) and business partners, Pam Shipley and Allison Kenney. They are all about debunking the myths around midlife and helping women navigate menopause. Their rallying cry is “this is not our mother’s menopause!”

Pam Shipley, is a licensed psychotherapist, certified divorce mediator, and determined entrepreneur. Her passion is to guide and support women through role transitions, menopausal symptoms, and the emotional and physical changes that come with it. 

As a menopausal-resilient woman, Allison Kenney is passionate about empowering women to thrive during this transformative stage of life.  Through a combination of support, education, and advocacy, her mission is to help women navigate the many different facets of menopause with confidence and resilience. 

They are so committed and passionate about helping women that they’ve created a business around it! They run a coaching program that helps women navigate menopause and midlife, sell a proprietary dream face cream on Amazon, and host the “We Are More Than Menopause” podcast.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How the women came together to start a business.

  • Their top tips for starting a new venture in midlife.

  • The beauty of a business partnership & how to keep it healthy.

  • What holds women back & how to overcome societal norms.

  • The importance of friendships & communities in life and business.

  • Why menopause needs to be supported in the workplace.

  • Putting yourself first and going for what you want.

Join us for this easy breezy yet impactful and helpful chat between three girlfriends on a shared mission to support women in midlife!

Here is the link to our upcoming Free Live Masterclass: Marriage, Menopause & Mood Swings (morethanmenopause.org) Marriage, Menopause & Mood Swings: The 3 simple steps to transforming midlife into your best life. December 6th 7:00 pm est.

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